The People in Hiroshima Didn’t Expect it Either

When New York City recently released a grotesque “public service announcement” video explaining that you should stay indoors during a nuclear war, the corporate media reaction was principally not outrage at the acceptance of such a fate or the stupidity of telling people “You’ve got this!” as if they could survive the apocalypse by cocooning with Netflix, but rather mockery of the very idea that a nuclear war might happen. U.S. polling on people’s top concerns read more

Seattle to Rally for Nuclear Abolition

Join Citizens for the Universal Abolition of Nuclear Weapons at noon on Saturday, September 24, 2022 at Cal Anderson Park in Seattle for a march to and rally at the Henry M. Jackson Federal Building where we will call for the universal abolition of nuclear weapons.

This event is organized entirely by volunteers. Click here if you would like to help with this important event!

Our keynote speaker is David Swanson. David Swanson is an author, activist, journalist, and radio host. He is executive read more

Negotiating Peace With Monsters

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, July 24, 2022

The two sides in the war in Ukraine have negotiated a deal to at least reduce the starvation in Africa and elsewhere that may result from the war, by agreeing to a means of exporting some grain.

The same two sides had previously reached agreements on prisoners of war.

The odd thing about this — although it happens in every war — is that each of the two sides has negotiated with what it characterizes as irrational monsters on the other side with read more

Avoiding WWIII

The death and suffering in Ukraine does not yet remotely compare with that in Yemen. Nor does the death and suffering from war in Yemen yet compare with that around the world resulting from the misdirection of resources into war — not to mention the impediments to urgently needed global cooperation created by war.

But we talk about Ukraine, not only because it’s in corporate media and involves relatively wealthy, weapons-dealing, European nations waging war at home instead of in distant read more

Odysseus Would Have Worked for Lockheed Martin

My eight-year-old son and I just read a shortened version of The Odyssey. Traditionally it’s thought of as the story of a hero making his way past various monsters. Yet it’s really quite blatantly the story of a monster making his way past various heroes.

Odysseus had, of course, prior to this story, abandoned his family to go fight and kill a bunch of people he didn’t know alongside a bunch of other people he didn’t know because a bunch of yet other people had competed read more

The Hard Work of Creating a Last Resort War on Iran

Where do all the Lockheed Martin executives vacation?

At the Last Resort!

Joe Biden and Israel are planning to attack Iran as a Last Resort.

Weapons dealers love nothing better than last resorts. Invading Ukraine was a last resort according to Russia. Shipping endless weapons into Ukraine is a last resort according to the U.S.

Win-win! Just pay no attention to the relentless and deliberate escalation of the past decades. Erase how the Baltics kicked out the Soviets 30 years go. Dude, they’re read more